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Nearby Tourist Places


1)  Patnitop- 


It is located 40 Km away from here. It offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore their sporting talent. The snow covered hills of Patnitop provides a unique opportunity for skiing. Trekking is common sporting activity of it during winter season.

2) Sanasar-

It is 50 km from here. The most exciting and interesting sports events of Sanasar are paragliding.

3)  Batote-

It is 60 km from here. It is a tourist paradise with the Chenab gorge and mountain ranges flying in the close proximity of the region.

4)  Mantalai-  


It is 32 km from here. It has mythological significance. It is developed by Legendary figure Sh.  Darinder Bramhachari and is a sad reminiscence of his death.

5)  The Gauri Kund ( Spring)

It is 24 Km from here. The spring is sacred to Hindu devotees as it is believed that Goddess Parvati would bathe in the water of the spring before offering the prayers to Lord Shiva.

6) The Sudh Mahadev Temple-

It lies close to the Gauri Kund Spring. The ancient place of worship is said to be 2800 years old. Pilgrims flock in region in the full moon night in the month of August, wadding through the river Devika that flows by the temple. The pilgrims enter the Sudh Mahadev Temple to offer their prayers to the black marbled Shivling.

7)  Krimchi-

It lies close to Mantalai region. A beautiful temple Krimchi bears relics of religious ancestry and cultural traditions.

8)  Ramnagar Wild Life Sanctuary

 It is sited 80 Km from here. The wild Life Sanctuary is famous for the large varieties   of wild animals like the Neelgri and the Barking Deer, White Cheeked Bulbul, Red Jungle Crow, Blue Rock Pigeon.


 9) Vaishno Devi / Katra-



It is situated 70 Km from here at the foot hills of the Trikuta mountains where the holy shrine of Vaishno Mata is situated.

To reach Vaishno Mata Temple, the pilgrims have to register at Katra before starting the trek of 11 Km.  There is another trek ( 1.5 Km) of Baba Bhaironath  from Vaishno Mata temple. It is said that the pilgrimage is not complete until one visits this temple. The scenery throughout the trek is picturesque.


10) Udhampur-


It is 25 Km from here. It is connected with Jammu and further Delhi by railway. Head quarters of North Zone of Army are located here. It is nearest big city of Chenani and also a district head quarter of it.