Eqiup & Miscellaneous

 MINUTES OF EQIUP MEETING                                                                         AUG. 31, 2015


1.       The subject committee of the department of English was held in the Library on August 30 , 2015 as scheduled at 02:45 to 03:30 pm.

2.            The points given in the agenda were given due importance and discussed in true spirit. All the members of the department were present


1.        It has been decided that Video show should be shown to the students on some moral theme. Community Lunch should be organized based on some healthy theme so that the students inculcate the feeling of sharing.

2.           It has been decided that TLM should be properly used by the teacher in the class for making teaching more interesting and effective.

3.       It has been decided that note books should be properly checked and follow-up should be given to the students wherever required. Index should be maintained according to chapters/exercise. Stress should be given on cover of note books , spelling mistakes.

4.        It has been decided that syllabus for SA-2 should be completed on time so that proper revision could be done.

5.        It has been decided that requisition for TLM should be submitted before 20th of every month for smooth functioning of Teaching Learning process.

6.           It has been decided that stress should be laid on overall performance of the Slow Bloomers Special attention should be given to them.

7.       It has been decided that stress Sa-1 should be conducted properly and answer sheets should be checked properly.