S. NO.






Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.) (I/C)

Mrs. Maya PGT (Maths)

Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT

Miss Namita TGT

Miss Suman PRT

 Miss Nidhi PRT

·         To provide space to take up Innovative Practices, Action Research & motivate to submit the paper to KVS/NCERT/SCERT.

·         To collect feedback from students and parents and submit to the Principal.

·         To meet minimum once in a month.

·         Submission of monthly progress report of overall development of the school.



Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.) (I/C)

Mrs. Maya PGT(Maths)

Miss Poonam Gupta PRT

·         To look after all areas of academics.

Examination (Internal)


Mrs. Maya (I/C)

Mr. Abhinandan Sharma PGT(Math)

Mr. Jatin Bharti PGT(Physics)


 Miss Suman PRT

Miss Jyoti PRT

Mr. Vinod PRT


·         To plan & conduct all the tests/exams as per CCE/KVS/CBSE norms.

·         To update the records from time to time & duly verified by the checkers.

·         Time to time reporting about the progress & performance to Principal.

·         Arrange PTA Meetings time to time to discuss the academic progress.

·         Reassess the child (if required) as per CCE norms


Mrs Maya PGT (Maths) (I/C)

Miss Neha Sharma PGT (Chemistry)

·         To plan & conduct all the test/exams as per CBSE norms of Class X & XII.

·         To update the records & upload as per the direction & requirement of CBSE.

·         Correspondence with CBSE/KVS in respect of Board Classes.



Miss Poonam Gupta PRT (I/C)

 Miss Jyoti PRT

 Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To ensure smooth functioning of Primary Section.

·         To ensure the timely completion of all activities as per the plan.

·         To prepare agenda for conducting CMP meetings every month.

·         Striving for academic excellence and overall supervision.







Articles: Purchase/ Condemnation

Sh. Balbir Singh Jamwal (SSA) (I/C)

Secondary- Manjeet Singh TGT (WET)

Primary-Miss. Megha PRT

Sh. Nek Ram(S.S)

·         To call the quotations as per the requirement of items.

·         Completion of quotations & making comparative statements and taking approval from Chairman.

·         Supervising the whole procedure of condemnation till the auction.


Admission Protection of the Child Rights

Secondary-    Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.)(I/C)

Primary- Miss. Jyoti PRT

·         To plan & complete the admission for the year 2018-19 as per admission guidelines.

·         Keep the admission records /vacancies (category wise) available for submission to RO (KVS).

·         To ensure that RTE is implemented properly.

·         To extend benefit to needy children.


Time-Table & Arrangements

Time Table - Miss Rita (I/C) Arrangement(Secondary)-Mr. Ajay Badyal

Time Table/Arrangement (Primary)- Miss Poonam Gupta PRT (I/C)

·         To set time table as per KVS norms.

·         To change/ adjust time table whenever required.

·         Arrange the classes when the teacher is absent or on leave.

·         Inform Principal about appoint contact teacher in place of vacancy.


Computer Rooms

Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.) (I/C)

Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         Maintaining computer labs as per KVS norms & installing software & hardware.

·         Updating the Vidyalaya website time to time.

·         Ensuring smooth functioning of all the computers in the Vidyalaya.

·         Calling quotation for AMC & supervise the work of AMC.


Resource Room & TLM

Miss Poonam Gupta PRT(I/C),

 Miss Megha PRT

·         Maintenance of the resource room.

·         Ensure availability of LCD projector, OHP, Interactive board, teaching aids etc.

·         Prepare separate timetable & keep record for ready reference.

·         To ensure the use of primary resource room.

·         Procuring items as per the requirement of resource room.

·         To ensure the preparation and keeping record of TLM.



Sh. S.S Ram TGT (I/C),

Sh. Nek Ram(S.S)


·         Regular repair and maintenance of furniture.

·         To paint the furniture if required.

·         Planning to buy furniture as per KVS norms.

·         Ensure the financial ceiling & submission of bills in time to the office.


Co-Curricular Activities

Miss Namita TGT (I/C)

Miss Nidhi PRT(I/C Primary)  Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT

Sh. Kailash Singh TGT

All Class Teachers and House Masters

·         To plan & prepare activity calendar for the year 2018-19.

·         To complete all the competitions in time and declare the results immediately.

·         To celebrate important days including annual day smoothly.

·         To form the students council & designate duties to the council members with regular supervision by July month.

·         In primary section CCA Committee will look after the upkeepment of AV aids.

·         PTA I/Cs are to constitute PTA as per KVS norms & conduct the meetings in a session with the proper maintenance of records.



Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT (I/C)

Mr. Ajay Badyal PGT(BIO)

Miss Namita TGT

Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To plan duties and responsibilities of student council, house captains and class monitors.

·         Regular supervision of duties performed by the students.

·         Checking of uniform and late comers’, class out passes etc. with the help of class teacher.

·         To correct the indiscipline student time to time.

·         To ensure overall discipline of Vidyalaya.


Library, Film Show & Book Selection Committee

Sh. S.S Ram (I/C)

Miss Megha PRT(I/C Primary)

 Miss Suman PRT



·         To purchase books as per KVS instructions.

·         To maintain proportion of books of both the languages (Hindi + English).

·         Regular meeting of library committee.

·         To make available latest editions of the books for the children.

·         To facilitate children for reading of all available books, CDs, LCDs, etc. and also e- Granthalaya.

·         To select latest books for their primary children as per their level.

·         To ensure the ratio and variety of books in Primary Class Libraries.


Teaching Aids

Mr. Manjeet Singh TGT (I/C Secondary)

Miss Poonam Gupta PRT (I/C Primary)

·         To plan and purchase latest teaching aids.

·         To make teaching aids available for all the teachers for class room teaching.

·         Motivate teachers to use of TLM/ITC/Resource room.







Verification of Fees & Fines From UBI Portal


Secondary - Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.) (I/C)

Primary – Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)


·         Verification of fees & fines without any mistake & report to Principal from time to time.


Bharat Scouts




Mr. Manjeet Singh TGT (I/C)

Miss Poonam PRT

Miss Suman PRT


·         To plan and execute all scout guide activities for the year 2018-19.

·         To prepare children for different test viz. Pratham Sopan, Rajya Puraskar, etc.

·         To monitor children activities during school hours.

·         To arrange different days celebration (Thinking Day, etc.).

·         To send the teachers for training.

·         To keep records/ photos in attractive manner.



First Aid & Medical Checkup

Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT(I/C Secondary)

 Miss Nidhi PRT (I/C Primary)

·         To arrange medical checkup twice in the year.

·         To give first aid to the children whenever required.

·         To maintain the up-to-date record of medical cards with the help of class teachers.

·         To maintain the up-to-date record of Medical Officer & Nurse.



Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT

Sh. S.S Ram TGT

Miss Nidhi PRT

·         To plan sports activities schedule for


·         Conduct all the sports activities as per the assigned schedule by KVS.

·         To maintain the playground.

·         To monitor children activities during school hours.

·         To maintain properly records /Photographs of players representing different level of KVS /SGIF sport meets.

·         To ensure the timely completion of monthly sports activities in Primary Section.

·         Primary committee is to look after at Children Park & its maintenance.


Vidyalaya Patrika & Editorial Board (Students’ dairy, Teachers’ dairy, Daily dairy, Attendance, Register, Monitors’ Diary)

Miss Namita TGT (Art) (I/C)

Sh. Parkash Chand PGT (Hindi)

Preeti Basnotra TGT(English)

Sh. Kailash Singh (TGT Sanskrit)

Miss Jyoti PRT


Kumari Stuti (Class 12th)

Simran Kour(Class 12th)

Saksham Mahajan (Class 12th)

·         To collect and select articles, photos, drawing materials, etc. for Vidyalaya Patrika 2018-19.

·         To keep the record of all the achievements (from primary to senior secondary).

·         To prepare Vidyalaya Patrika within scheduled time frame.

·         Call quotation for publication and completed purchase procedure.


Maintenance and repair of school building

Mr. Manjeet TGT(I/C)

Sh. S.S Ram TGT

·         Regular supervision of Vidyalaya property.

·         Regular repair and maintenance of the Vidyalaya property.

·         Renovation of existing properties (if required).

·         Additional Construction (if required).

·         Call quotation and completed purchase procedure with the consultation of Principal.


Staff Quarters



·         Submission of bills in time to the office within the financial ceiling.

·         Regular repair and maintenance of staff quarters including special repairs (if any).

·         Prepare the first of eligible employee for quarters.


House-keeping & Gardening

Sh. S.S Ram TGT(I/C)

 Mr. Ajay Badyal PGT (Bio)

·         To develop and maintain garden throughout the year by adding more potted plants and plantations of trees.

·         Celebration of Van Mahotsav.

·         Regular supervision for proper cleanliness and hygiene of Vidyalaya throughout the year.

·         Procuring and maintaining the stock of sanitary products.


Watch and Ward

Sh. S.S Ram TGT(I/C)

Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT

·         To ensure proper safety and security of the campus.

·         Regular instructions to the guards on the duty.



Adult Education Programme  (AEP)

Miss Namita TGT (I/C)

·         To plan and conduct activities from time to time under Adult Education Programme.


Notice Board and Vidyalaya Decoration

Miss Namita TGT (Art) (I/C)

Miss Nidhi PRT

·         To decorate and update the notice /display boards time to time.

·         Decoration of Vidyalaya building as required including Principal Office.


Transportation (Excursion,  Adventure, Cluster, Regional,

Booking Tickets, etc.)

Sh. S.S Ram TGT (I/C)

·         To plan for the venue/places to be visited.

·         To select the students on rotation basis including teacher escorts.

·         Make budget provision about the fund required.

·         Settlement of bills in due time.



Mr. Vinod (I/C)

 Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To capture photos of all important events in Vidyalaya and make hard copies available for displaying.



Sending monthly reports online to KVS

Sh. Balbir Singh Jamwal(SSA) (I/C)

Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To send the replies online  to KVS (RO/HQ) time to time through online consultation of office and the principal without any delay.

·         DO Reports

·         Enrollment

·         Staff vacancy

·         ICT Reports



Income Tax /

TA/DA Medical Bills CEA, etc.

Sh. Balbir Singh Jamwal(SSA) (I/C)

Mr. Manjeet Singh TGT

·         Timely verification and completion of the work as per requirement without any mistake.


Writing of minutes of all the meetings

Sh. Parkash Chand PGT (Hindi) (I/C)

Preeti Basnotra TGT(English)

·         Minutes of all the meetings to be written in the meetings and circulating them for signatures.

·         Maintaining meeting minutes register.



Arrangement on special occasions

Sh. S.S Ram TGT(I/C)  Miss Neha Sharma PGT (Chemistry) Mr. Jatin Bharti PGT(Physics)

·         To plan and decide the menu for all important occasions.

·         To make proper arrangements for seating and refreshment.


Guidance and Counselling

Mr. Manjeet TGT(I/C)

Miss Namita TGT

·         To give guidance for the children whenever required.

·         Motivation for Better Learning.

·         Provide base for building future career.

·         Inculcate & develop values, habits, good manners, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance and career mindedness.

·         Supervising the work of counsellor.


Raj Bhasha Kriyanvayn and Samittee

Sh. Parkash Chand PGT (Hindi) (I/C)


·         To provide training in Hindi Language, Hindi Typing (Mannual)/ Hindi Word Processing  (Computer) & Hindi Stenography to the employees of the Vidyalaya for proper implementation of Official  Language Policy of the Govt.

·         To arrange refresher training courses for officers and translators included sub staff.

·         To conduct workshops for those employees who hesitate to use Hindi in Official work.

·         Second Quarterly report to regional office.


Integrity Club

Sh. S.S Ram TGT (I/C)

Miss Surbhi Khajuria TGT(S.S.T)

Mr. Vinod Kumar PRT

·         To instill & inculcate values of patriotism Secularism Socialism among students through various club activities.


Nature Club

Secondary- Mr. Ajay Badyal PGT (Bio) (I/C)

Primary-  Miss Poonam(PRT)

·         To sensitizing its students on issue relating to environmental degradation.

·         To raise awareness about wildlife and plants among children.


Fine Art & Creative Club

Miss Namita TGT (Art) (I/C)

Miss Nidhi PRT

·         To motivate students for creativity.

·         To guide students to send their creative work to the magazines.


Mathematics Club & Mathematic Olympiad

Mr. Abhinandan sharma PGT(Math) (I/C)

Sh. Rakesh Sharma TGT(Math)

Miss Sakshi PRT

·         To create a fun, enjoyable environment which inspires students and instills in them a great love for maths.


Science Club

Miss Neha Sharma PGT (Chemistry) (I/C)

 Mr. Jatin Bharti PGT(Physics)

·         To organize activities or project work related promotion of science.

·         To create a fun, enjoyable environment this inspires students and instill in them a great love for science.


Health Club

Mr. Vishavjeet Singh (I/C)

Mr. Ajay Badyal PGT (Bio)  Miss Suman PRT

·         To carry out various Personality Development activities throughout the year.


Sports Club

Mr. Vishawjeet Singh TGT (I/C)

Miss Suman PRT

·         To promote the games activities.

·         To motivate students to take part in various games and sports in and outside of the Vidylaya.

·         To provide the theoretical & practical knowledge of various games.


Staff Room

Miss Suman PRT(I/C)

Mr. Ajay Badyal PGT (Bio)

Mr. Abhinandan Sharma PGT(Math)

·         To maintain the cleanliness arrangements of the staff room notice board, notice board.


Alumni Organisation

Sh. S.S Ram TGT(I/C)

 Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To maintain the record of Alumni organization.

·         Keep on adding the names in the organization and thus enrich the Alumni.

·         Facilitating the activities of the organization.


Music Room

Miss Nidhi PRT(I/C)

Miss Megha PRT

·         To maintain the cleanliness arrangements of the Music room & Musical Instruments.

·         Proper guidance to students for smooth conduct of morning assembly, meetings & cultural programme.


Shaala Darpan

Miss Rita PGT (Comp Sci.) (I/C)

Mr. Sunil (Computer Instructor)

·         To maintain the records of KV Shaala Darpan Project and other computer related work.



Mr. Abhinandan sharma PGT(Math) (I/C)

·         To conduct exam smoothly with the help of Teacher.