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Sh. Purnendu Mandal
M.A.( English),B.Ed.

Hon'ble Prime Minister's Interaction with students on the occasion of Teacher's Day on 04-09-2015
  • Teacher's Day Celebration 5-9-2016

  • Freedom run by primary classes

  • Visit of Chairman VMC Kendriya Vidyalaya Chenani at under construction new school building.

  • Visit of Chairman VMC Kendriya Vidyalaya Chenani at under construction new school building.



  • Welcome of VMC Chairman Nominee of KV Chenani by Principal KV Chenani

  • VMC Chairman Nominee with Gold medal winners of KV Chenani

  • VMC Chairman Nominee with Staff of KV Chenani

  • Visit of Chairman VMC Kendriya Vidyalaya Chenani

  • Speech by Principal on Independence Day

  • Nature Conservation Day

  • International Yoga Day

  • International Yoga Day

  • Dance and drama by students on Rashtriya Ekta Divas

Thought for the Day:
A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.------------------------------------B. R. Ambedkar





Dear webizens,

Often  I am amused  when  I hear  that a Principal is   webbing  a message  for the students as if he is not going to meet the students in person anymore. Often I am perturbed when  I find that  there are many students  who have got  ignited minds without the coveted spark from family and  society. Often  I am elated to find myself at the helm of affairs for  nurturing  these talents in this hamlet of rustic and bucolic Chenani ,Udhampur. And often I am disturbed when I  see that there are limitations to fancy the fabled passion of treasuring the thought  of “’Teacher as the Nation builders””. And often I hear some voices  in the  air which whisper “  Teachers are to be change agent  “.  And Often I am told that  Teachers are like candles which burn   itself to  give light to others.

So   Often I pray to  almighty  to give that skill and strength  to lead the leaders (teachers) of these unlead ,unattended  and unchiselled  students. So often I pray that let me be able to bring  that change  through educating the educand  through the educators. And  so often I pray that let KV Chenani be bestowed by  the best team of  teachers  by  the Provenance .And so often I pray that let everyday should bring some improvement in our working and upgrade the erstwhile performance  level. And so often  I pray that let this schooling experience be the cherishable  moments   for one and all  .


Now ,I am bemused if one is really in need of  any  message  than  putting himself  into  action  to  pay his wherewithal to achieve those lofty commandments of KVS vision and missions rather.  And now I am sublimed to quote the lines of  John Milton from  Paradise Lost Book I  :_

“  And chiefly thou Oh spirit, that dost prefer

Before all temples the upright heart and pure,

Instruct me, for thou knowest; thou from the first

Wast present, and with mighty wings outspread”



                                                            Purnendu Mandal


AUCTION OF CONDEMN STORES FOR THE YEAR 2015-16 WORTH RS. 147297, BIDDERS ARE REQUESTED TO TAKE PART ON 14 SEP. 2016 AT 11:00AM IN THE VIDYALAYA PREMISES -------------DETAILS OF DEPARTMENT OF AUCTION OF ASSETS ARE (1. Music Worth Rs. 7432 2. Furniture Worth Rs. 47979 3. Misc. Assets Worth Rs. 80336 4. Library Books Worth Rs. 8064 5. Office Worth Rs. 3486)--------------------CBSE Class 10 results: Pass percentage of 2016 is 100%----- AVANTIKA CHANDAIL got 10 CGPA----SIMRAN BHAGAT got 9.8 CGPA-----KANAV MANHAS got 9.8 CGPA------DANISH KUMAR got 9.6 CGPA --------- YOGESH CHAND got 9.4 CGPA ------ ANKITA BHAGAT got 9.4 CGPA--- PRATHANA SHARMA got 9.2 CGPA ------- ANJU DEVI got 9 CGPA-----------62 % STUDENTS GOT 8 CGPA AND ABOVE